Free Yourself with Forgiveness

A course in healing, forgiveness, and letting go to help you embrace the lessons and see the blessings. Forgiveness allows your heart to heal and sets you free to be your best self and live your best life.

During this program, you will

Discover what forgiveness is and how it benefits you

Learn how to deal with toxic and negative people, even when you have to interact with them.

Integrate forgiveness practices in your life that will heal and open your heart.

Finally be able to let go of things that have been weighing you down so you feel free.

Learn how to protect your peace when dealing with people who hurt you.

Learn holistic practices to care for your mind, body, and soul.


Grief, heartbreak, fear, and unforgiveness are all related. From minor things to major ones, being unable to forgive yourself or others can have a negative impact on you overall. 

Pricing expires on Sept. 9 2018! Take advantage of this savings today!!

Diamond Level $197.00

This includes a 2 hour Spiritual Love Coaching and Healing Session, valued at $497


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Jovanhanna Tisdale

I love tea, tacos, yoga, crystals, tarot cards. I'm the single mother of a teen and toddler. Survivor of Depression and Domestic Violence, I am on a mission to change the world one heart at a time. After healing my own heart and changing my life, I wanted to do the same for other women.

I am a Certified Master Coach, Reiki Master, Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader, and Crystal Therapist.