ReNew You Discover Self Love

Self Love is an Inside Job! This program was created to help you rediscover who you are after pain, heartache, and loss. Sometimes life can rob you of your identity, making you feel less than, ReNew You: Discover Self Love is going to change that for you!

This program is broken down into 6  lessons. There are videos, audio, and written course material, including exercises for you to complete. The content builds upon each other so working ahead is discouraged.

First, you'll discover the power of love! This includes our introductory session and allows you to learn more about me and the course. Then we’ll learn how to love. Then it will be time for reflection, to tap into your inner Goddess!

I'll introduce you to the Four Layers of Life, and you'll go deeper into applying love to these areas. 

Finally, we'll get into practical ways you can apply this knowledge in your daily life. 

You cannot fail at this, but you will only get something out of it if you do the work. Some of this will be really intense and it can get emotional, but I challenge you to really work through this.

I will be here helping and supporting you along the way. You can do this!!

Take the course for as low as $11!