Spiritual Love Detox Challenge

Start the 7 Day Spiritual Love Detox challenge to uncover who you are and what you desire in love and life. Identify and release blocks to love and learn 3 key ways to attract love in your life. If you want to be loved, but don’t know if it even exists the Spiritual Love Detox Challenge is for you!!

This challenge was hosted live in the Spiritual Love Circle this past Apri. I wanted to keep it open for anyone who wanted to create space for healing and love.


Day 1: Uncover who you really are

Day 2: Identify your blocks in love and relationships.

Day 3: Release the BS and create a new Love Story.

Day 4: Create your Vision of Love.

Day 5: Get excited about love and life.

Day 6: Your Action Plan

Day 7: Learn the Spiritual Love Secrets

The videos and email from the challenge are now all in one place, right here! Feel free to join the Spiritual Love Circle for Love, Healing, and Transformation.

The purpose of the Spiritual Love Detox is to help you release harmful ideas about love and to create a new Love Story.

No matter what, you are an important factor in your relationship with others. The exercises in the challenge will help you explore who you are and develop a clear idea of what you desire in love and life.


Coaching Session $44.00

This includes a 45 minute coaching call with The Spiritual Love Coach.


Welcome & Pre Work

Day 1 Uncover Who You Really Are

Day 3 Release the BS and create a new Love Story

Day 5 Get excited about love and life

Day 7 Learn 3 Spiritual Love Secrets